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What if you were the CEO of a

successful business?


What if you didn't have to work so hard for pennies?


What if business didn't have to be so overwhelming?


What would you do with that abundance?


What would you do

with that gift?

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Business Coaching Programs



An 8-week program to purposed-driven design & launch 

strategically aligned from the inside-out


It’s time to pick up your power and pursue your BIG purpose confidently! With an activator that has coached entrepreneurs nation-wide to transition from ideation to implementation into to 5 figure months in record time. 



This community of high-level dreamers, founders & entrepreneurs, are committed to growing and expanding their businesses while supporting others in their zone of genius as we GROW together with sustainable designs & vertical momentum. 

Faith-driven business implementation, including in-person retreats.

Tamra group coaching

Full Biz Dev.
& Design

This is your full kit and caboodle business development program. Instead of just coaching for your directional implementation, we design and develop on your behalf.


You're hiring my whole team, not just me! No outside contractors needed. 

5 Experts included.

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Tamra Andress is a top thought leader in spiritual entrepreneurship, an international speaker and 2x best selling author. She’s the founder and chief evangelist of F.I.T. in Faith Media Company. As an ordained minister she is co-missioned to activate purpose-driven leaders personally and professionally with their broadcasted messages and businesses through publishing, podcasting and play. She’s an event host to annual conferences and retreats that unleash identity and freedom around the world.


Her F.I.T. in Faith Podcast is globally ranked in the top 1% of the spirituality and business charts with over 230 interviews of founders, innovators and trailblazers. And her most treasured role is wife and mama - and you will surely never leave her presence without an added measure of joy! 


Personalized Business Coaching Topics:

  • Purpose and Passion Clarification Strategies 

  • Empowerment Model 

  • Christian Mindset Methodologies 

  • Mind, Body, Soul Alignment

  • Heart & head space coaching 

  • Business Insight 

  • Business Plan Design 

  • Branding Development 

  • Unique Offering Development 

  • Social Media Marketing Plans & Implementation 

  • Facebook modalities  

  • Sales and Marketing Strategies 

  • Affiliate and sponsorship plans 

  • Time Management Techniques 

  • Resourcing my A-Team 

  • Business Flow Systems 

  • Design Basics 

  • Podcasting Set-up and Implementation 

  • Relationship building 

  • Brand Recognition Plan 

  • Topics to discuss


It clicked for me. Working with Tamra, it started this affect in my life and I was really not ready to go there. I wanted to start a business but I was not mentally, emotionally, internally in a space to do that. I needed to make a  shift. I am so grateful because Tamra really was the catalyst that made that start. I could not have launched this thing if I didn’t deal with some stuff. I am so thankful because Tamra gracefully held my hand and told me that I could do this. I feel like the  possibilities are endless and I didn’t feel that way a few weeks back. I am truly grateful to Tamra! 

Brittany Stinson, Online Business Manager

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I believe as a kingdom entrepreneur, you would serve more people and create generational change.

You would have a freedom factor that you've never experienced, and an abundance that would let you lay your head down to rest so much easier every single night!
Not to mention the Kingdom ripple effect you would be making for generations to come.

That's my heart for you!

Come along side me. I'll coach you through the process and we will build this dream together!



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