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If you aren't keeping track of Your KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS, how can you grow your business?

Get your FREE KPI Spreadsheet today!

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It's time to FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR NUMBERS  with Tamra!

For only $37 (a $497 value), you will come off the call with fully actionable STEPS TO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE & HOW TO USE YOUR NUMBERS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

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Learn how to use your numbers to grow your business. It's time to face the numbers and make them work for you!

get clarity

Gain confidence in knowing where you are and how to move up!

know where you are

This   masterclass   is for you IF...

  • You look at your numbers, but you are not sure what they mean

  • You want to be marketing with purpose and focus, rather than the fire hose approach 

  • You have been in business for a while, but you don't know what your KPIs are

  • You are ready to scale your business, but not sure where to start


I’m so incredibly passionate about this masterclass because I’ve sat in a place of identity loss - lacking purpose, lacking worth, lacking clarity. Not knowing the roadmap of where to go next. Starved for answers. Starved for calling. 

The pace of the world is so quick, we’re never given actual time to reflect and sit with the pain and the ideation of our greater big. Our biggest big!

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my invitation to you!

And even if we have been gifted already with that heavenly dropped God-deposit - he says exceedingly above all we could ask, hope for or imagine.


And therefore, I am certain there is untapped potential within each and every one of us!

I’m tired of foggy lens' being what prevents God’s daughters from the feeling of empowerment, ultimately keeping them from His purposed provision!

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