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Roots & Wings

To Find Your Purpose

& Fly into Biz!


The sure-fire way to claim your roots and discover your wings as a kingdom entrepreneur.

The purpose of this course is to catapult your calling! To expand & design your God-dream! To help you establish your business premise on the one true solid foundation, The Rock, by which your purpose and passions will take flight. By staking claim on your purposed identity as a Kingdom Entrepreneur, we will develop the mindsets, methods and models to bring to life the vision He has planned for you before you were knit in your mother's womb.



"Tamra not only challenges you but she finds out the passion that is inside of you, but she doesn't just tell you right away, she helps you to search for it so it's YOUR aha moment and YOUR idea! Because when you can grasp and own who you are and own up to the idea of who you are and what you are really called to do and to be, everything else changes. You find purpose. You find identity. And you are excited to give it and share it with others. So the impact on my life...I don't even know if I have all the words or time to share that, but I do know that my business would not be where it is today. I would not be even pushing forward in the YouTube world, if I didn't get the little push and nudges and encouragement that she continues to give."

- Demetria Stallings, CORE Creative Passionista walking out this course!


Do you feel like you’ve been sitting on the dream God has given you for far too long?

Do you feel out of alignment or obedience because of it?

Or perhaps you’ve been spinning your wheels on HOW to answer God’s call, but can’t quite define or design it into a business.

Maybe you’ve titled this God dream a "ministry"– one you whole heartedly give all of your time and energy to, yet your passion isn’t providing the profit you need to sustain your home (your first ministry).

Do you struggle with the idea of earning money doing something you believe He’d want you to do in servanthood?

Do you feel unworthy as a women to possess wealth?

Well THIS is your God-wink to change those limiting mindsets!

Let's Clarify The Dream & Catapult You Into Your Calling!

Let's Rise Up to Confidently Own Your Pre-Destined Purpose!


Let's Understand Your Why and Learn to Fly!


Let's Design The Dream So You Can Thrive in Your Gifting!


Let's Find Wealth & Flow in Your Intended Flight Line!

10 take-aways you will own by the end of this course:

1. You WILL have clarity on the ROOT of your passions, where they stemmed from and how to dissect and connect the silver lining of your life.

2. You WILL have an in-depth understanding of your personal intentional ROOTED identity through Jesus with fresh eyes of empowerment towards your calling.

3. You WILL have a deep understanding of your ROOTED why in your life's mission and vision.

4. You WILL understand your zone of genius, the power of your personal gifts and how to cultivate a passion-preneur journey out what He's already given you.

5. You WILL have breakthrough with inhibiting mindsets that have kept you stuck.

6. You WILL develop a community of like-hearted sisters that will support you in your journey.

7. You WILL overcome fear and limiting beliefs in your ability and current know-how towards accomplishing the desires that have been laid on your heart.

8. You WILL design your God-dream into a model that will provide value to the Kingdom and blessings to your life.

9. You WILL comprehend your realm of influence and confidently claim your purpose and mission which will set the foundation of your business.

10. You WILL build a road-map towards achieving the vision God has shown you with actionable next steps toward launching your God Dream as a reality.



* 4 Modules with over 25 uniquely designed activities to explore, engage & evolve!

* Workbook with Action Worksheets, Journal Entries, Checklists, and a Quick Reference Resource Guide for your Biz Launch

* Incentive Board for Course Completion


* LIVE interaction in the course FB group with Tamra and other course members

One Time



One time fee for LIFETIME ACCESS


Pricing Plans Available!

For 2 Payments



Monthly for 2 Payments


for 4 Weeks


Weekly for 4 Weeks

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