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Would you like a behind the curtain experience of the F.I.T. in Faith Media team’s training and Tamra’s experiential coaching program (for FREE?).


Request a special invitation to “Sit-in” on the next LIVE Coaching experience.

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We’d love to give you an OPPORTUNITY TO PEEK IN and EXPERIENCE a training session with my active, paying clients - who I call partners - as we gather to co-create and grow their businesses. 

  • Yes, you read it right - This is a sit-in opportunity - COMPLETELY FREE!
  • This isn’t offered to everyone.
  • We reserve these spots exclusively for those who are serious about their passions, their God-calling and their business(es).
  • If that’s you, then let’s reserve your seat today. 
The information provided in the training is connected to 10’s of thousands of dollars of investments from entrepreneurs and returns of 10s of thousands too!!!
  • This is not a pitch zone - as this is reserved for my invested clients ONLY
  • So you really will get a true “fly on the wall” experience!
  • Though of course, Tamra won’t leave you unrecognized, as it’s one of her truest honors to share and celebrate you being there - even as a small yes to yourself as an investment and tithe of your time to what God has seeded in your heart!

If you’re wondering

It’s to expose you to what faith-based coaching looks like in the raw-real form without a pitch or automated webinar. Without a fancy slide deck or bells and whistles. This is Tamra’s weekly flow for her clients - as is. 


If and only if it speaks to your heart and your needs as a Kingdom-entrepreneur will we extend the opportunity for you to join us! 

…if you’re looking for community

…if you’re wanting to expand your business

…if you’re needing applicable systems to grow

…if you’re ready to launch new parts of your business

…if you’re ready to surrender the survival entrepreneur mentality

Image by Bethany Legg

We do have to fair warn you, though.

You’ll likely fall in love with the energy. 

You’ll likely want to come back. 

You’ll like be drawn to the incredible

heart-centered humans that we partner with. 

But if not, no hard feelings - we’re just happy to serve up amazing value - you’ll want to go apply the learned lessons immediately! And we know you’ll be grateful for the time spent. 


The worst case scenario - you’ll have a fresh vibrancy towards achieving your dream! 


Here's is what I WILL BE TEACHING in the LIVE sit in.

For context, the program is designed to help foster and fuel the God-dream. 

And to create sustainable prosperity while joyfully serving others! 


The business development programs are for purpose-driven leaders who want to remain aligned. 

Following Tamra’s Proprietary Strategies in


You will approach business in an enlightened manner harnessing your gifts and talents for abundance and significance rather than from a scarcity or fear-based mindset.

This isn’t about ads - it’s about being sold out for how you serve!

This isn’t a work harder concept - it’s smarter, effort-full, but not overwhelming.

This isn’t a mindset only experience - it’s soul-set. 

This isn’t exclusively business hat only - it’s an integrated wholeness process. 

This isn’t tearing down what you’ve already built - it’s developing and designing what’s working.


If this sounds like a “yes and yes” scenario and you need it now, then let’s make it happen…


So if you’re a heart-centered leader looking to establish and help your business-try (yes, business and ministry) thrive - then let’s get your seat secured today. 

**Disclaimer: This is NOT a sales call, it’s a reservation booking call for a training that suits your schedule best and ensure you’re a right fit for the program

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