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But you don’t know where to start. 


You feel like every time you sit down to write, you freeze.

There are so many stories, which causes overwhelm as you plan how to tell it. 

You don’t know what to include or how to include them. 


The struggle is real. 



Let’s bring your book to fruition - TOGETHER! 

New Orleans - September 8-11

Getaway and Get in the Zone with other Authors

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One of the key freedom factors in bringing it to fruition was multiple writing retreats - to move past the limiting beliefs, past writers block and into the “flow”.

It took me three years, multiple agents and publishers, and two other anthology projects (1 chapter at a time), before I was finally able to figure out the process and make it happen on my own terms.

Alongside the many “how not to’s” and investigative conversations with authors who worked with everyone in the industry, including hybrid publishers…I started focusing less on how and more on WHY.

Because you’re being called to it. 

Because it’s meant to serve, free, and heal others. 

Because it’s a gift and legacy to the world. 

Because you didn’t walk through it for nothing. 

Because now is the time!


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What This Retreat Will Entail

  • Ideation and Group-Share Enhancement

  • Book Timelines

  • Outlining 

  • Framework design

  • Proposal overview 

  • Content Development 

  • Mind Mapping the Story

  • Get in Flow Meditations

  • How-to Tips from multiple authors

  • Focused writing time

  • Publishing process options

  • Book Launch outline plans

  • Launch team strategies

  • Cover Design Formatting plan

  • Book Launch Plan

  • Focus Group Feedback 

  • Other effective ways to use your book to serve and grow

In a mastermind type experience, you will leave focus, fulfilled and free to continue your writing journey with new formalities and a clear strategy to execute and launch! 

early bird

Book before July 15th  




*3x monthly payments are available - due before September 5th
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