F.I.T. In Faith Press was launched in conjunction with the Always Becoming: sex, shame and Love book in Fall 2021. It officially hit #1 best seller in 10 categories within the first 48 hours of publishing.
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Tamra has had additional experiences in multiple anthology publications, 1 of which also hit #1 best seller in 10 categories. So she’s been on both ends of the publication process and met with agents and publishers in order to understand the process more intricately. 


At the end of the day, she didn’t feel like the best option existed for her so she decided to make it available for others. 

 so what do we offer??


We help you self publish your book with a white glove experience for high value and high outcome. 


Cover design, editing, formatting and implementation


Book launch strategies, landing page and email marketing development for 🚀 launch

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we work

We set the date (in conjunction with your manuscript completion). Then we set the outcome and work from a timeline in pace. Our timeline set works off of a 6-9 months time frame (contingent on your dedication) from your completed manuscript verse the traditional publication process of 18m - 2 year minimums.

Our mission as a publishing company is to obliterate shame and activate purpose with our books! 


We can’t promise a “Best Seller” but we can ensure the Best Seller features. 


This white glove experience takes the pressure off the author and instead allows them to fully enjoy the process and emerge themself in the impact element rather than be inundated with details. 


Book a call to review the process with our PRESS project manager. 

Let’s Publish Together.